Autumn Views

House for a Winemaker is taking shape. A sneaky peak after a weekend walk got me pretty excited with progress.

Reflections, Stacey Farrell, Queenstown Architect


Reflections, Stacey Farrell, Queenstown Architect On the left are the living room and dining. Centre will be the kitchen with a deck to the Northern view. Bedrooms and bathrooms on the right. You can see the green treated plywood flooring already installed in one of the bathrooms. Wall frames are stacked in the foreground ready to be stood up next week.Reflections, Stacey Farrell, Queenstown ArchitectView from the kitchen.

It is always nice to see what was in my mind, take real life form.  Be able to walk through the spaces, see the captured views, and feel the building. While there I had a very informative conversation with someone. She was telling about how she had come across information on options alternative to conventional medicine, and its benefits. It was a very enlightening conversation, and I will probably be considering my options differently the next time I get sick. If you would like to look into this topic further, you can Click to Find Out More.


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