House for a Winemaker

This lovely little project is coming off the drawing board in no time at all. It is a wee 2 bedroom with the guest bedroom having a bed loft as an extra. It will be clad in black Colorsteel with the central portion that is wedged between 2 black boxes in cedar. Bonus car ports and a wood store under the main living level  are created by the lay of the land and design.

image elev

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We have been very busy designing and getting things built!

Reflections is now complete. We think it looks great, and the client has been enjoying a New Zealand winter living in it.

The roof forms reflect the mountains that surround the property. The roof and mountains are reflected in the ponds also.

Each ‘pod’ was designed to have it’s own private view and courtyard to a pond. The family is enjoying separation from each other as well as time together in the main living room.

While I was there the topic of medicine and health care came up. Someone was telling me how conventional medicine can at times have severe and risky side-effects for very common ailments and what should be simple solution medication. I guess I had never thought about that aspect of medicine myself, I just take what the doctor recommends whenever I get sick. It was a pretty eye-opening experience, and I think it’s something everyone should know in order to make better informed decisions. You can review unconventional medicine yourself here if you’d like.

Reflections, Stacey Farrell, Queenstown Architect Reflections, Stacey Farrell, Queenstown Architect Reflections, Stacey Farrell, Queenstown Architect Reflections, Stacey Farrell, Queenstown Architect Reflections, Stacey Farrell, Queenstown ArchitectReflections, Stacey Farrell, Queenstown Architect Reflections, Stacey Farrell, Queenstown Architect

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Reflections is well underway!

Such a special site- this photo says it all


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Luxury Lodge in Queenstown

We have been working hard on an exciting new project for a luxury lodge in Queenstown.

A focus of the Concept design was to ensure guest arrival is an dramatic experience. Building forms split and collide exposing organic textured green walls that draw you in to the entry, and frame spectacular mountain views.  When you enter the building you move into a high space with views to the spectacular Remarkables mountain range.

Service areas and car parking are tucked away and out of view, and these building forms help to create the impressive entry.

There are 6 guest suites that wrap around a courtyard filled with native ferns and rocks.

Image 1 image 2 image3 image4


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2014 is my 20th year working in the Architecture industry.

I started working as an Architectural Graduate in 1994.

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Exhibition Board

For those of you who didn’t make it to the silos for the exhibition, here is my exhibit.

Stacey Farrell PRINT

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Architecture + Women makes it to Queenstown

Small town girl?

Exhibit: Friday 15th November 5:30-7:30pm at Remarkables Primary School.

Small town girl?

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Architecture Week

It is architecture week  and I am proud to be a part of the Architecture + Women Exhibition!

There are events happening around the country and here are some details….
Between Silos, is the Auckland venue for the national Architecture+Women•NZ Exhibition.
Silo 7, Silo Park, Wynard Quarter, Auckland.
The exhibition opening night is Friday 20th September 2013, 6pm.
The A+W•NZ Exhibition in Wellington is called Diverse Practice, and will be developed from an anonymous Lower North Island Architectural Practice Survey.
The responses from the survey will be used to create an exhibition, which is being held at Victoria University of Wellington, October 8-12 2013.
Christchurch’s Re-Think Exhibition, to be held 18-28 September at the NG Gallery in 212 Madras Street. 10am-5pm Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm Saturday
The Christchurch Exhibition will not only present examples of women’s contribution to the profession of architecture but will also celebrate the work of women involved in the creative transitional projects that have happened around the post quake city. The exhibition aims to engage the public in the future of the city and to raise public awareness of the importance of the built environment.  Our redeveloped city will be richer and more diverse if we encourage women’s participation at every level.
And there will be something happening in October in Queenstown…..details to come.
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The difference colour can make

My gut instinct on this project was for the colour scheme below, but I chickened out and we rendered the more conservative grey option.

But here it is with a more lively colour:

Bartho 1 CC small

Bartho 1 CC red door

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Birds eye view

This site has a lovely lake view from high up on the hill.

The design seemed quite abstract while I was working through it, but one of the focuses was to ‘hide’ the garage so that it is not the first thing you see. So the house wraps around the garage, with every space looking to views and sunshine.

The owners expect many guests, but are able to close of the guest bedroom wing of the house, which even has it’s own external access- ideal for teenagers to sneak-out perhaps?

The other thing I like about this was the creation of a wood stack that is under cover. It  means you can lean out a door and grab wood without getting snowed or rained on. An important thing in Queenstown winter.

We may change the external colour scheme to black roofing with more natural cedar timbers, for a bit more life.

Bartho 1 Bartho 3

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