Design in Progress: model images


Here are some model images that we have built up for a current house design. Amazing mountain views to the North and South…

Model photos for a current project

Hello. I thought I would share these photos of a model I made for the concept of a house that I am currently working on. The house consists of 4 stone ‘cottages’ with roof pitches reflecting the Remarkbles mountain range which are in full view from the site. These stone structures are joined by a ‘sleeping’ centre structure. You will see from the photos that there are a few options for roofing materials over this centre structure. My initial concept was for a green roof, so the building is grounded.

Model of Atley House Concept

Hi all, It has been a while I know, but I was sent this model by a student that they built of the Atley House Concept (on my website). They got it pretty much right except that the entry roof is timber fascia and effectively an extension of the timber form. It also stops before the colorsteel form rather than goes over the top. But a nice model all the same!

The Best of NZ Home Design

‘The Best of NZ Home Design’ goes to air this Sunday 11th of March, at 7.30pm on The Living Channel. The series consist of 12 episodes. 11 episodes covering each of the finalists for The Best of NZ Home Design.

Keep your eyes peeled as the Black House may feature in one episode!

Black House featured in ArchitectureNow

I have just received the ArchitectureNow newsletter and there is the Urbis article written by Bill McKay, with fantastic photos by Patrick Reynolds featured.

We have plenty of great feedback from the articles and it was an honour to have  Patrick at the house working his magic.

For those of you who have asked the blackboards pull across right over the kitchen bench area, but are shown open in the photo. This is the stage 2 sketch plan from the drawing board:

We are very happy living in stage one at the moment, but I am also really looking forward to constructing stage 2!


Here are more photos of the Black House.

Welcome to my blog.

I am very excited to bring you my new website and LoL blog.

I will be keeping it updated with counter tips often.

I am lucky enough to kick off this first post with the good news that my house “The Black House” has just been published in the December issue of Urbis magazine. It’s on page 88, just in time for Christmas.

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